Not sure GPS is working?

We’ve purchased the Garmin Glo GPS, have signal and paired to this PC. CE has recognized it in the Bluetooth Com port, but it is not identifying a position. Is there another step I am missing?
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The Garmin Glo is really intended for use with a phone and Garmin doesn’t even claim in their product description that it will work with a PC, however, it should be possible. While their support pages do include instructions for pairing the Glo to your PC, they don’t provide the complete picture.

Once it has been paired with your PC, you should see something like “Garmin Glo on Bluetooth COM4” as an option in “Settings > Electronics > Configure a New Device”. While that might seem like the right thing to use, it isn’t and is just a side affect of their hackery. Next to that option, you should see a more generic choice like “Standard Serial over Bluetooth link COM6 over Bluetooth COM6” (yours might be slightly different). That is the where the actual NMEA 0183 data stream comes in.

You should only need to select that port and either use Auto-Detect, or select NMEA 0183 as the device type and make sure Listener is checked to use the GPS with Coastal Explorer.

I use the Garmin Glo 2 with Coastal Explorer on my PC. I found that it did not work properly if it was plugged into the USB port even though CE said it was online.

Once I unplugged it and got it connected via bluetooth it worked fine.