Own ship heading off

Own ship heading does not align with predictor line.

It is now tracking properly. I am baffled.

The heading and the predictor line aren’t necessarily supposed to line up… The predictor is oriented to your course-over-ground which comes from your GPS, while the vessel symbol is oriented to the heading coming from your compass.

However, if you don’t have a compass, then COG is used to orient the vessel symbol, so for many people, they do normally line up.

However, the iPad and iPhone both have compasses, so it’s possible that you were getting a heading from there and if the device was not oriented in the same direction as your boat, the heading would appear to be off.

Using the heading from your iPad/iPhone is really only a good idea if your device is oriented correctly (and probably in a holder that keeps it that way). If that’s not the case, there is an option to disable using the device heading in Settings > Electronics > Location Services.