Problem Exporting to Google My Maps - GPX File

I am trying to export a GPX file so my two routes can be shown on Google maps. When I try to import the file into My Google Maps I only get a (not very helpful) “Error Occurred” message in Google Maps.

Here are the steps I have used to export the file:

  1. In Voyage Plan select the three dots (menu)
  2. Choose “Send to GPX File.”
    3 Import the GPX file into Google maps and get an error message.


I also tried the “Export” option, and then only tried selecting one of the two routes from the “Export Navigation Objects” screen." I then chose GPX file as the file type. I get the same error message in Google Maps.

Interestingly, when I export to the Google Earth format (KML file), the import to Google Earth works fine, but I really need this in Google maps.

The other thing I will need to export for is that we will be chartering a boat this summer and I need to export the routes from Coastal Explorer to a Garmin 5215 plotter. I have read that it will accept a GPX file, so I would like to feel confident that this will work.

Any ideas?

Windows 11 - Laptop Computer


I just imported a GPX file from my system into Google Maps without a problem. Can you please send me the .GPX file you’re trying to import, so I can take a look at it. Thanks!, and please reference this forum thread so I’m sure to connect the dots. :slight_smile:

It is also possible to import a KML file into Google Maps, btw.