Program hangs up

It is a beautiful Day and I am out cruising. Every thing was doing fine until I clicked tracking in the instrument panel, the screen did weird things then the program crashed,

I expect the Coron Virus is causing you some problems and your in a rush to get this our the door, I have a request for a future version, I would like my keyboard to be fully integrated in the iPad version.

The CE team is doing an outstanding job on this program, it is a delight to participate.


Thanks Pat!

We haven’t seen anything even remotely like what you described, so any more details you can provide about “the screen did weird things” would be helpful!

Many of Coastal Explorer’s keys do work already and we’ll be adding more. Is there something in particular you’re missing?

Instrument panel is a mystery to me. Normally I don’t see any tabs to open it. Then sometimes it opens obscuring most of the chart. Still no tabs and I can’t get rid of it. I now have it full screen and nothing else will open.