Purchased chart not available

I did a fresh installation on a new notebook of the latest version of CE and activated successfully.
Now I’ve two chart related problems:

  1. I also bought after installation on THIS notebook a C-Map chart. Purchase was ok, but the chart is not available. My list of C-Map charts is empty (beside of the background cartridge)
  2. Also another C-Map chart purchased 2 years ago is not available. There is no list of “Unistalled Licensed Charts”…

I’ve allready read Purchasing, Installing and Upgrading C-MAP Charts (Windows Only)

Help would be welcome


Hello Erich,

After the purchase was made, did a “Synchronizing” window appear indicating that the chart was downloading?

To download your previously purchased charts, click on the ‘Settings’ button on the left side of the screen and select Charts and Add-Ons. In the “Charts and Add-Ons” panel, you should see an “Available Chart Permits” notification.

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 8.32.01 AM

Click the Show Charts button on this notification and you should see options to download your other C-MAP charts.

If you continue to experience problems, please send us an email to support@rosepoint.com so we can troubleshoot further.

Hello Aaron,
thanks for your soon reply.
About the “Synchronizing” window I’m not sure. I did’nt make any screenshots because I didn’t expect any problems.
There is no “Available Chart Permits” notification.
But when playing around today, I was able to localize the problem:
It seems to be a problem with permissions! As soon as I start CE with administrative rights, there IS the notification about available charts and I was able to download them.
As long as I start CE wih administrative rights, the charts are available for use. But as soon I start CE with “normal” user rights (no elevated rights) I’ve no charts.
Do you have any ideas how I can use CE with my charts as “normal” user? Starting CE as admin is not really a solution on a secure system.

Best regards

Hello Erich,

It would seem something may have gone wrong with the Coastal Explorer installation on this system. The only causes for the behaviors you are running into would be:

  • CE itself doesn’t have a correct, or complete, installation. This can mean many things, such as missing files, incorrect folder permissions, etc.

  • Windows itself is messed up somehow.

My recommendation is to first uninstall Coastal Explorer. Set whatever User Account you intend to run Coastal Explorer from to Administrator.

Install Coastal Explorer on that account. Make sure everything is working as it should. At this point, you could downgrade the Windows User Account to something below Administrator, if you really want to, but that will prevent Coastal Explorer from being able to update itself when an update is released.

If you do elect to downgrade the user account, check to make sure CE is still functioning properly after downgrading the account.

Hello Aaron,
thanks for your reply.
What I did in my first installation (so you would be able to reproduce):

  • I’m logged in as normal user
  • Start setup
  • CE asked for administrator credentials → I entered
  • Installation completes
  • Start CE as normal user
  • Purchase chart → not available
  • Run CE as administrator → chart available for download → download → immediatly useable
  • Run CE as normal user ->chart not available

Following your suggestion seems to “workaround” the problem.

  • Add normal user to local admin group
  • logoff-logon
  • setup CE (no credentials are requested as expexcted)
  • download chart
  • test → ok
  • remove user from local admin
  • logoff-logon (normal user)
  • start CE
  • test → ok

Without further analyses with filemon and regmon: looking back on 25 years of developing business software it seems, that some required permissions are set in the wrong context during installation. Require admin rights for setup is a must but having the target user in the local admin group (at minimum for installation) is a no go on a secure computer.

Preventing auto upgrade: why not ask for admin credentials as many other software products do when an upgrade is available?

Maybe you take this as feature request for futher releases.

GREAT SOFTWARE, i like it and used it for many, many years on nice sailing trips - I never would like to miss it!!!
many thanks also for the great and prompt support!