Registry Issue and Disappearing AIS Targets

The AIS targets slowly disappear over about a three hour period of running Costal Navigator. Other boats still get my AIS information even after I loose theirs.

I continually get this message on my screen. C:\Users\BoatPC\Documents\MyRoutes.nob.tmp was not found. It appears to be a corrupt registry issue but the message is to broad for me to determine how to fix it. I do not have a lot of routes and could reload the whole program if that would help.

Hi @Mac1, thank you for reaching out. Your AIS dropping targets could be happening for a variety of reasons, and will probably require some troubleshooting. As for the file not found, it would be easiest for one of our techs to remote onto your computer and take a look. When you’re next at your computer feel free to give us a call or send us an email at (425) 605-0985, or and we will be happy to help. We’re on the phones Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM Pacific time.

Hi — I am having this same issue.

" I continually get this message on my screen. “C:\Users\BoatPC\Documents\MyRoutes.nob.tmp was not found”

Were you able to correct this—Chris

I was able to find a temporary work around. Under settings, general, automatic save…I unchecked the save changes every: (choose interval) function off and the fault with the popup stopped. I would still like to find the bug correction, but this will work for now.

Thanks for all the great tech support at Rose Point to correct the problem with my tablet!

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