Removing a legacy device activation

We recently purchased a boat with Coastal Explorer installed on a PC on the boat. I renewed the license and have moved the account over to my name and email, etc. We’d like to be able to do route planning and review tracks from earlier trips from home, so I installed Coastal Explorer on my PC at home using the same Product ID as the license we have for the boat. When my wife went to install on her PC, we got an error message that the license has been activated on 3 devices already. I suspect the previous owner of the boat had his laptop activated, and can’t figure out how to de-activate his device. Is there a way to do this? Or can we transfer my active subscription/license to a new one and start over?

Hello, please send an email to providing us your name and product ID so we can locate your account and find out what is going on with the activations.

it’s easy, once you contact support. I’ve gone through a half dozen computers in the years. a quick call to support will fix you up.