Rose Point Portal preview

Just started looking at this new preview and like the layout being closer to the look of ESC, with the weather features and overlays. One issue I’m having is even though I’m signed in, it’s not giving me service or fleet status. Not able to track our fleet. One thing that I’ve been told by upper management is that someday they would love to also see other AIS information. Thanks for always looking to improve your already great product .:+1:

Hi BUBBA, Thanks for checking out the new portal and I’m glad you like the fact that it looks more like Rose Point ECS now!

It sounds like something we haven’t seen yet is going wrong when you are signing in… Is the dashboard not appearing when you sign in? It should open automatically and show you the fleet update status pie chart along with most of the other things that have always been on the dashboard. Or is the dashboard appearing, but without the status info?