Route and waypoint information

I have imported a number of routes and waypoints from active captain which were originally created with Navionics ap. The waypoint names and long and complicated. If I hide the routes, the waypoint names of all the routes are still shown and clutter up the charts. Is there a way to hide all the waypoint names without going into each one and delete it in properties. My Garmin chart plotter had a way of hiding all waypoints not on the active route. This feature would be very helpful on CE.

Coastal Explorer only shows waypoint names when their route is selected. It sounds like maybe the file you imported had both routes and individual marks in it. If you can send us an email with the file you imported attached (, we can take a look to be sure.

Thanks for sending us your GPX file!

Sure enough, the file contains a set of 12 routes, each of which contains all of the appropriate waypoints, as well as 1600 or so separate marks that are not associated with a route (many of which seem to be duplicates, and none of which seem to have meaningful names).

If all you really want here are the routes, I think the easiest thing to do is to create a new collection, move the routes to that collection, and the delete the imported collection. (Easiest because moving 12 routes is a lot easier than deleting 1600 marks!)

To do that:

1.) Use Voyage Plan > Files > Create a new collection and name it “Imported Routes” (or whatever you want).
2) Use Voyage Plan > Files > Collections to select the imported collection again (It’s probably called something like “Imported from garmin_export 2.gpx”)
3) Use Voyage Plan > Routes to see the list of routes.
4) Select a route and tap the Properties option on the chart tip
5) Tap Move to… and then tap the “Imported Routes” collection from the list that appears (or whatever you called the new collection created in step 1)
6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all the routes have been moved
7) Tap Voyage Plan > Files
8) Tap the “Current Collection” box at the top
9) Tap Edit
10) Tap **Delete Collection"
11) Select the “Imported Routes” collection and see that it only has the routes now.