RP keeps displaying "A program update is available for downloading"

As the title states, I have a vessel where RP keeps displaying a message that “a program update is available for downloading”. When I try to download it, it pushes the program to not respond. Eventually it will release but nothing updates or installs. Cellular is fair and I’m able to remote in with no issues.


Your problem is likely that ECS is attempting to download the 2024 USA tides and currents.

It is a huge file, approximately 450mb and will likely take a very long time to download. The software will try to download this file in the background, but it appears that you’ve configured the software to not automatically download updates. Instead, it’s set to ask you if you want to download it. In this case, it doesn’t download the file in the background, so the software becomes unresponsive until it’s finished downloading. This is on our list to change, so should be corrected in a future software update.

You have two choices for now:

  1. Once you click the download button, wait and don’t worry about ECS being unresponsive. It will come back when the download is finished offering to install it.
  2. You can download the new tide/current update manually, from a web-browser, and install it manually as well. https://files.rosepoint.com/modules/new_noaa_tides.rpmod. To install it, you can simply double-click the downloaded file.

If you’re still having problems after trying one of the above, give us a call at 425-605-0985