RTCM standard category of ECS

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We have always appreciated that RosePoint ECS was top of the line in any standards system that might apply to ECS, but I cannot find a specific statement of the RTCM category on the website.

Is there a place where the RTCM ECS category (A,B,C,D) is stated that i have missed? Or any related discussion.


Rose Point ECS does not fall into any of the categories currently defined, nor does any other system on the market. This has not been important to Rose Point, or any other manufacturers, since there have been no regulations regarding the use of an RTCM ECS and some of the requirements of the specification would make our products arguably worse.

However there are efforts underway to change the regulations and the RTCM ECS specification is being re-written to address many of its problems. We are actively involved with these efforts and hope that an updated RTCM ECS specification will be available soon. We expect that Rose Point ECS will then be considered an “official” ECS.

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Thanks very much. That is what I thought the situation was based on the May 2020 revision to NVIC 01-16 that removed detailed discussion of RTCM ECS. Glad to hear someone is working on this. Hopefully the results will be published.

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