Runaway Mouse using Trackball

Is there any definitive fix for this. I use a Logitech wireless trackball that has a USB interface. When the scroll wheel does a runaway zoom in or out, I switch to using the ± at the bottom of the screen. A few minutes later it will be fine and then after another few minutes runaway again.


I may have the same trackball (M570?) doing the same thing, but not in CE. It happens occasionally on my desktop when I’m zooming up or down a click while viewing the Marine Traffic web site. It doesn’t happen frequently enough for me to research it on the Logitech forums, but that may be worth a shot.
I have a stack of old M570’s that have failed in one mode or another, but never mechanically, like inop mouse buttons. The firmware doesn’t seem to be as reliable as in years gone by. I get maybe 1-2 years out of the M570, where I used to get more than 5. Only one of the mice in the bone pile has visible wear on the left mouse button.