Sensor priorities beyond defaults

I have a number of devices on my NMEA 2000 network that output Air Temperature values: Airmar Weather Station, SCX-20 Sat Compass & a dedicated Yacht Systems thermometer. (I access the NMEA 2000 network via an Actisense NGT-1 USB gateway.)

The Airmar weather station gives quite aberrant values and the Sat compass is influenced by the pilothouse temperature. I would like to prioritize the Yacht Device sensor which is properly accurate but this option is not available in the Coastal Explorer menu.

Any suggestions welcome.


Hi Evan,

I looked into this option and it doesn’t appear this is something we can manage quite yet but I have put in a feature request to have it added in the future.

Cadence (Cay) Denning
Support Engineer
Rose Point Navigation Systems

Thank you for considering this improvement.

In the meantime, I will try to change the instance numbers to try & remedy the issue.


I’ll second that for more sensors: AIS, Depth (for depth and some others, it would be preferable
to name/number them and have as separate instrument panels (depth port vs depth SB helpful
for finding channel, so need both, not priority.) Even HDG as I try another fancy compass
alongside the old robertson fluxgate. How about priorities for every source, and display names
for each source, reduced to a generic source name if priorities are the same?
e.g. HDG input 1 nicknamed “AP”, HDG input 2 nicknamed “Gyro”, Generic HDG chosen by priority named HDG. (HDG is then chosen to be retransmitted on other ports, or for the gold,
allow setting NMEA source names to be re-written to a user-configured value for retransmitting on other outputs. (This would also allow external gear to analyze which data is from which source) . Then allow instrument creation for any/all of AP, Gyro, HDG.

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