Support failing

Hello all. Am I the only one to have problems with Rose Point (Coastal Explorer) support? It used to work pretty well, but now can’t get hold of it.


How are you trying to get a hold of us? This is the first time you’ve posted in the forum, so are you calling us at our 425-605-0985 number (We open at 7 AM)? Are you emailing our support email, at

Sorry for the problem, so let’s find out what’s gone wrong.

Dear Steven, hi.

I cannot contact you by phone because of the price and have sent several e-mails, but am still unable to use Coastal Explorer.

Wouldn’t it be possible to schedule a chat or a WhatsApp call? Thanks.
(Sorry for the delay in replying, due to health issues.)

Sorry, but we don’t have a company WhatsApp.

We somehow need to get remote access to your system. This is, by far, easiest via a phone call, but if that’s too expensive, email me your number ( and we’ll call you at the time you specify, as long as it’s between Mon - Fri, 7 AM - 5 PM PST (UTC-8).

Hello, is there any chance of getting a response from Rose Point to my e-mails?


Luis Serpa

The most recent email we’ve received from you was on Dec. 28th, and those were all replied to by Cadence. I’ve checked the Junk folder and there’s nothing there from you.

Please send your more recent email again, since something clearly went wrong. Be sure to double-check the email address on your more recent email, just in case. It should be:

Thank you!