Suppress own vessel's AIS target in CE?

Our skipper is running CE 2011. His AIS goes out via a transponder that is different from the AIS receiver he uses with CE (an Amec Cypho-150 receiver). In CE, his vessel shows up as a separate AIS target that keeps leapfrogging on top of the boat icon. Is there a way to identify an AIS target as “you” and suppress it? As it stands, CE thinks a new collision is taking place every few seconds.

He also sees AIS targets in his Simrad radar/plotter and there was a way in that system to accomplish this fix.


I think the only way to fix this is to connect the transponder to Coastal Explorer rather than the receiver. The transponder will let Coastal Explorer know which messages are for the own-ship and which are for other ships whereas messages from a receiver all appear to come from other ships.

Okay, thanks. We will explore that. Cheers.

Id be interested in being able to suppress warnings of specific AIS targets, our towed skiff with an AIS class B is constantly showing a collision warning too.