Sync with Active Captain

It seems I am receiving and seeing new reviews in Active Captain, but reviews I submit are not being synced and uploaded. Can I submit a review through Coastal Explorer and have it upload to Active Captain, or do I have to go direct to Active Captain website?

Hello, and welcome.

When Coastal Explorer is being used on a system with Internet at the time you create the comment or review, we will try to update Active Captain’s cloud service immediately. If you create your comment while Coastal Explorer does not have Internet access, you’ll need to Synchronize, using Sync Now from Settings. It does happen, on occasion, that the Active Captain sign-in service can be down, but that should result in an error in Settings > Accounts. If none of these explain the problem, I suggest you give us a call, preferably when the system is online, so we can remote into your system and check log files, since they may hold a clue.

Our support phone number is: 425-605-0985