Synching routes

Hi. I’ve had Coastal Explorer on my PC laptop on my boat for several years. I have now downloaded the app on my iPhone and iPad. Is there a way to synch my existing routes from my boat PC to my other devices? Thanks. Bob

Hi Bob,

The easiest way would be to convert your file (.nob) layers to a Cloud Synchronized layer. The easiest way to do that would be to use the “Import…” feature in the “Layers” panel. You can then choose one of the .NOB and it will create a Cloud-synced layer from it that you can access from your iPhone and iPad. It will also show up on all your PCs. You may find that you don’t even want to keep the old .NOB layer around, but give it time to fully sync, which may take some time depending on how big the imported layer is and how fast your Internet is.