Text Boxes Unusable

When I right click on the screen the text block opens with a black background and red text. I am using daytime colors so shouldn’t happen. It also occurs in some other Windows 10 applications. What controls the background color and text color? I have found no solution to this problem.


Hello Tom,

Your problem is that something must have happened while you were in night-mode, such as the computer lost power, etc. In order to create a true night-mode, where certain things are drawn by Windows rather that Coastal Explorer, we must change some Windows system colors. You can fix this by resetting your Windows Theme. Exactly how to do this depends a bit on which version of Windows you are using, but here’s the idea.

  1. Close Coastal Explorer.
  2. Right-click on an empty part of your Windows Desktop
  3. Choose Personalize from the menu that appeared
  4. Choose one of the built-in Themes. There’s a very basic one called simply “Windows”, or perhaps “Windows (lite),” depending on your Windows version. Just choose that theme and that will reset your Windows colors.

If that doesn’t help or doesn’t make sense, give us a call so we can walk you through it on the phone.



I think I figured it out. %%##@** Windows. It managed to propagate to 3 different computers. Why can’t they just leave it alone. I don’t need to customize to my every whim, I just don’t want it to allow me to do something that screws things up. That’s a bad design.

Thanks for the suggestion and thank Rosepoint. I think I am on year 17 of using CE, and can’t imagine navigating any other way. Now if you all would take over Google Maps and OnX everything would be much better.



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I’ve been experiencing this too, on and off and couldn’t figure it out either. If I now understand it correctly Rosepoint saves the settings on entering night mode, alters the settings to improve night-mode and restores the previous settings when leaving night-mode? And wouldn’t be able todo so when you switch of the PC without closing Coastal Explorer first?

That’s not quite how it works, but even the way you describe it wouldn’t allow CE to restore the Windows system colors, since CE has had the rug pulled out from it by switching off the PC, preventing CE from doing any clean-up whatsoever. There’s no way for CE to do anything if the computer’s power is cut.