Tidal Chart display problems in CE (Feb 22 2023)

I’m a longtime user of CE. I noticed today that the tide charts are not displaying properly when you click on a station. This seems to be a recent problem. I suspect there will need to be some sort of CE update from Rosepoint to rectify this issue.


What do you mean by “not displaying properly?” Thanks.

I get a straight line on the graph. For example, Whaler Bay. Also there are no data for these observations. It doesn’t mater if I am in Raster or Vector mode. I have a current subscription plan for the Vector Charts for CHS BC. The problem seems to be for British Columbia only. The Washington State stations seem to be fine.


Unfortunately, CHS has been unable to deliver BC tides and currents to us for 2023. We are in contact with them about this problem and are hoping they are able to deliver them soon. Once they are available, you’ll be able to perform a normal “Sync Now” to get them.

Thanks so much, Steve.


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Hi Steve: Is there any update on this problem? I have reached out to CHS and received a reply but do not yet have an update.


They did deliver us data but it was incomplete. They have been informed and we are back to waiting again.

Thanks Steven. I have replied to their reply and have requested an update.


I have synced and now have the latest update of CE. The Tide and Current tables can now be displayed for all Stations.

Thanks for your efforts on this!


Glad to hear it, and Thank you.