Tide and current stations

Will there be clickable tide and current stations in iOS version?

Yes, that feature will be coming to the beta in the future. Thanks for writing in!


Build 47: So far I don’t see any current arrows on the chart. I do have the current station box with graph when I open the “Conditions” tab. I assume arrows are not yet implemented. Will we eventually get them? They are really valuable for some areas.

Current arrows are working, but not quite like on the PC yet. One thing that hasn’t been implemented as of build 47 is automatically loading predictions for every station on the screen. This is going to be added as part of the work to allow tide and current predictions to be used offline. Until then the predictions are downloaded as needed to show information in the browser and in the tips.

You should see the station symbols turn to arrows as stations are listed in the Conditions page or as you click on them to get a tip with the daily graph. Tide station symbols work the same way; once a tide station has been loaded it will show the current level and the trend.