Tide stations east Canada report British Columbia license expired

I upgraded my C-Map charts for the US and Canada east coast. Tide stations in Canada report “Your Rosepoint chart license for British Columbia has expired.” Is there a way to get the tide station to display tides correctly?
I’m running Coastal Explorer on WIndows 10.

Hi Peter,

I believe I found your account, and it looks like you recently renewed your C-MAP region, so the error is probably due to you also having the older region installed. That won’t affect the tide/current data contained within your more recent C-MAP region, though, so that error can either be ignored or you can remove the older chart region from Settings > Charts and Add-Ons. Once there, click on C-MAP MAX, under Managed Charts, Data, and other Add-Ons. There, you should find that you have two different editions for the same chart region. Deleting the older edition should get rid of the error. Keep in mind that when there are two different editions, we will use the most recent one for charting and tides/currents.

Hi Peter,

After discussing this with a developer, we think we know what’s going on here. If we’re right, I’ll need to get remote access to your computer. Please call us at 425-605-0985 and ask for Steven, but be sure to have Internet on your computer when you do, so can both confirm the cause and fix it.

Thank you!

Hi Steven,

It is possible I have two different accounts. The one with the recently updated C-MAP region is the one I’m using now.

I’m just getting the boat back in the water and should have the system and internet access next week. I’ll look at it then and respond with what I find. I’ve seen your other emails as well.


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Hello Peter. I had to delete your most recent post. It is simply not a good idea to post personal information on a public forum. I did grab that information immediately prior to deleting your post. I will see what you wrote and if I need anything else I will get back to you.