Tracking no longer works in 54.2

I just installed 54.2 before the Labor Day weekend figuring I’d test it on our short cruise. Clicking on either the Tracking button or “Start Tracking” on my vessel doesn’t do anything. Tracking used to work in the previous build

Are you able to create other types of objects (marks, routes, etc.)?

No - When I press the “+ New” button, the app wants me to sign in. After I do, I get the popup box with all the possible choices, but nothing seems to do anything when I press it. Also, once signed in, I lose my instrument panel. However, Own-Ship “Start Tracking” doesn’t do anything either.

Let me know if you need more info, and thanks

This sounds like the same problem that is being discussed in this topic: Mon & Event buttons.

We are not sure how the app is getting into this state. Sometimes signing out and back in will get things going, but if you just signed in, that probably won’t do it. Sometimes removing and re-installing Coastal Explorer will do it.

We have seen this happen on some of the devices we use and thought we had it figured out and fixed in build 54, but apparently not so we’ll keep working on it!

I just deleted and reinstalled the App, with the same results. New information: While the Instrument Panel is not displayed, if I press on the Gear icon (settings) I get a message that says “There was a problem accessing your instrument panels. Waiting for collection ‘instruments-86747 to exist’”

Signing out of my account will restore the instrument panel

Is the little sync indicator spinning next to the gear on the settings button? If it is, then Coastal Explorer is trying to download your navigation objects and any custom instrument panels you’ve made. This is normally a quick operation, but can take some time after a re-install.

If things are working, then once the indicator goes away, you should be in sync and your instrument panels and navigation objects will appear and you should be able to create new objects (and start tracking).

If the indicator is not spinning and you see the “Waiting for collection” message or can’t create new objects, then the app has run into the problem we are trying to fix.

The gear spun for maybe a second after I signed in. I know it connected because I can see a few entries that I put into the Ship’s Log a while ago on my Windows laptop, appearing on the iPad.

However, everything else I reported previously is the same, so I believe I’ve run into the problem you are trying to fix.

As always, I’m happy to send you any other information that might be helpful.

One last thing: Prior to installing 54.2 (and reinstalling as we just discussed) I had recorded some tracks on the iPad. The first time I upgraded to 54.2, the tracks were gone. I don’t need them, but just wanted to report this in case it helps troubleshoot the issue.

Whoops…correction! Now that I am logged in, I can see the tracks again. Sorry about the mis-information

But wait…there’s more! Now that I can see the tracks, I can see the instrument panel, AND can press “Tracking” and it tracks. However, no charts are displayed…Very strange!

Well, I’m glad everything but the charts seems to be working now! The chart problem should be completely unrelated to the other issues. What are you seeing instead of charts? (Is it just blackness with your navigation objects, or something else.)

Just blackness… Restarting the App restores the charts

Now that you’ve restarted the app, does everything else still work (charts, instruments, and objects)?

Any chance you were in “Use Downloaded Charts” mode and didn’t actually have any downloaded charts when the screen was just black? (In that mode, you would’ve seen latitudes along the right side of the screen.)

Everything seems to be working, as far as I can tell.

I like to run in the “Use Downloaded Charts” mode when on the boat so as not to burn through my iPad data plan, so it’s possible. However, the region I was looking at did have the charts already downloaded when it showed blackness. It did have the latitudes on the right side of the screen too.

It would be nice if the “Use Downloaded Charts” option could be sticky so the app would always open in the mode it was last in!


We’ll be replacing the whole download chart feature with something that works more reliably and efficiently as soon as we can and I expect we’ll get rid of the “Use Download Charts” option at that time and make it automatic.

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Sounds good Brad. Looking forward to testing new features as they get released!