Tracking update frequency and starting

Q1. Is there a way to set the default tracking update frequency? I want most of my tracks to have the shortest interval possible between updates, preferably once per second. I don’t want to have to start a track, select it, and then set the update interval.

Q2. Can I prevent CE from starting a new track every time I activate a new route? (Note: I downloaded the new version a week ago; my previous version did not do this). I have saved routes through narrow passes and separate routes to and from each pass. At the end of the day I want to know total distance traveled. Right now CE starts a new track each time I activate one of the three routes. I have to select each track, get the distance using properties, and then add them all up.

Ah. I see you have posted your question here too. I found your email first, so find your answers in the reply to your email.

Although I answered your questions in my response to your email, I am including answers here in case others have similar questions:

Q1: Once you select the update interval for the current track, all subsequent tracks will inherit those properties. However, using a tracking interval of 1 second will create enormously complex tracks which can definitely cause performance problems as CE attempts to draw those tracks. They will also consume RAM. I recommend using the most conservative tracking settings that give you no more detail than you actually require.

Q2: When you activate a route in the latest version, a Departure panel will appear at the left, This includes a checkbox, titled “Start a new track”. The state of this checkbox will persist in the future, until changed.