Transfer license to another PC?

Good day. I’m considering purchasing Coastal Explorer and Ill be upgrading my laptop soon. Will I be able to transfer the license over to the new machine?

You are allowed three activations (computer systems) per license, and we can deactivate systems if they fail or are replaced for other reasons.

I had a HDD failure and now have a new PC for the location ReelKeepHer. I’d like to transfer the activation to this new PC.

Howdo I proceed?

Carl Frandino

This was dealt with over phone.

Good Morning. I have the android version of CE and was hoping to use my raster chart subscription on it. Is there a way to link my Windows account subscription and the Android version so that I don’t have to have 2 active ($$$) subscriptions?

The App version of Coastal Explorer does not support raster charts. The subscription model for the App is different than the PC; they do not connect at that level.

When you refer to your raster chart subscription on the PC, I assume you mean for BC. The App does not currently offer charts for BC, although we are working to change that in the future.

Understood, Thanks for the quick response.

Will the BC raster charts work on a surface pro running windows 11?

Yes, but keep in mind that NOAA and CHS are in the process of ending production of raster charts. NOAA is being much quicker about it, but this is happening.

One more question thanks again for answering my previous questions. Could you recommend any GPS receiver antenna for a laptop?

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

There are so many different classes of GPS but assuming you mean an inexpensive portal GPS, this one is currently my favorite. It’s easy to set up, very inexpensive and works as well or better than any portable I’ve used.