Transfer routes from CE to Garmin

I was using Garmin Homeport to transfer routes from CE to an SD card to insert into my Garmin chart plotter. I have a new PC and found that Homeport is no longer supported by Garmin or available to download. What is alternative to get routes from CE onto an SD card?

Some newer Garmin chart plotters support direct GPX import. Assuming your Garmin supports this, your computer would either need an SD card slot or you’d need to buy an external one that plugs into a USB port on your computer.

If your Garmin doesn’t support GPX import directly from SD card, contact Garmin; perhaps they have an alternative solution.

You didn’t mention the model of the Garmin device you’re using. I have an old 5212 and the process works with either HomePort or BaseCamp. It’s a pretty involve and not so pretty process. If it will help I will post my procedure file here.

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