Transfer tracks from one layer to another?

Is there a way to move a track or several tracks to another layer?

At some point this summer I inadvertently changed layers after that my tracks were stored on a layer that I don’t want them on. I would like to move the tracks back to the layer that all my other tracks are on for this summer. I tried to delete and paste but paste wasn’t an option.

Hi tcoop,

You would need to export the data from the incorrect layer and then import it back into the correct layer. This video will hopefully clear some things up Managing Layers but easiest would be to call our support at the number in my signature if this is for a PC version of our software since it will vary on your exact software and data needed.

Cadence (Cay) Denning
Support Engineer
Rose Point Navigation Systems

If you’re using the Windows version, you can also Copy/Paste a track, or tracks, and other objects, by selecting one or more, then choose Copy (CRTL+C), then switch to the layer where you want the track and Paste (CTRL+V).

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Thank you both! The copy and paste worked great. I forgot to try the CRTL characters when the option doesn’t show up in the right click menu. Thanks again.