Two instances of Coastal Explorer


I am adding a second monitor and was wondering if there was any way to get two different views on each monitor? If I try and open a second instance of the program it says it’s already running. Is this something you can do or you’re planning on supporting?


Coastal Explorer can only be used in a single window at a time, so other than having that window span monitors, it really only works with one monitor. We’ve experimented with supporting more than one window and have a pretty good idea of how it would work, but have never finished it due to lack of demand. (I think you might be about the fourth person to ask for this in the past 18 years.)

Our experiments got to the point where I was running three monitors on my boat and I have to say it was a bit awkward…not necessarily because of Coastal Explorer, but mostly because of the mouse and needing to move it across windows. I quickly switched to only two monitors and after arranging things so that I mostly “used” one monitor and only “looked at” the other one, it worked well. But eventually I switched to a single large multi-touch monitor which worked out best for me.

If demand were to increase, though, we’d certainly consider finishing this feature and making it available.


I have asked this several years ago, but I would like to see the windows independent. For example if I have split the screen and have one screen looking at current vessel position, and a second window panning around the local area, if I hit “Places” it takes over the whole screen. With the larger displays that are available and higher resolution, you could leave the one side of the screen as current vessel position and let the other window handle the panning and places.