Unable to sign into ActiveCaptain Community on iPhone

I am able to sign into ActiveCaptain Community on my iPad but not on my iPhone 11. After entering my email address and password on the iPhone, a pink text box pops up on the screen too fast to read and then the Sign In page starts pulsing.
Any suggestions?

We are seeing the same problem which appears to be caused by something on Garmin’s website which is being used for their Sign In page. We’ll let them know what’s going on and hopefully they can get it fixed soon.

While we wait for Garmin to work this out, we have found a possible work-around. It turns out that the constant flashing of the sign in form is triggered by an invalid sign in attempt (either the wrong user name or password).

For me at least, this was because the password in my iPhone’s keychain was old and I was just letting my phone fill in the user name and password for me. When I entered my correct password, I was able to sign in without any flashing. I hope this work for you too!

I changed the password and signed into ActiveCaptain Community on my iPhone.