Updated NOAA Charts

I want to understand the data flow.

What is the update cycle for new or updated NOAA ENC charts being available to CE in its chart store or in the automatic update process?

NOAA updates ENC charts on a regular basis. My question, is how long does it typically take for an updated NOAA ENC to be available within Coastal Explorer?

NOAA charts are typically available in Coastal Explorer within an hour of their release by NOAA.

Thanks! I suspected the answer would be something about like that.

An article in this month’s BoatUS magazine highlights the real problem with hardware MFDs and their charts - the chart data is often seriously out of date.

Without a doubt Rose Point is providing the best system of keeping your navigation system up-to-date with the most recent USA charts. But be aware this still does not mean that this USA chart is up-to-date with the situation in the real world. Some navigational waters haven’t been sounded for many, many years. In fact; the moon is better charted than USA waters. (And The World for that matter).