Updates for the NEMO?

Any updates on the NEMO? I reported several bugs in the January timeframe and have asked for updates a couple of times since then. What I heard was that there was a big NEMO update coming, but that it would not include fixes for the bugs that I reported. I’d be interested in knowing what is included in that update and when “my” bugs will get fixed.

I hope that you will continue to fully support the NEMO. It is potentially the most capable piece of hardware on the market for nav data multiplexing, but is pretty sorely in need of updates to realize those capabilities.

Larry O’Keefe
MV Miss Miranda

The pending Nemo Gateway firmware update is still in testing. This update includes refactoring and ruggedization of the process supervisor, a few fixes in dealing with NMEA 2000-based AIS feeds, a fix for sequenced PGNs, and logging clean-up. Some of these are big changes in code, and we want to be absolutely positive that we’re not sending out firmware that will compromise anyone’s navigation electronics setup.

The two issues you reported are noted in our list of needed improvements but have not been addressed yet. I apologize for the delay; we will get them addressed as soon as we can.

We have every intention of continuing to support this product and thank everyone for providing feedback and suggestions to make it better.

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