USACE mile markers

Running ECS inland plus, just noticed that I cannot turn off the mile markers on vector or raster charts. Use to be able to, what am I missing. Plus we are subscribed to Rose Point Portal and cannot access layers if it’s there.

There are a few sources of mile markers:

Normally Rose Point ECS displays them as a “layer” on top of the chart based on data we get from the USACE. The option to control that layer can be found in “Settings > Chart Display > Extra Layers” and it’s the “Distance Marker” option.

Some vector charts also contain distance markers which we inhibit when our layer is enabled; if you turn off our layer, then the markers in the vector chart will be displayed. Those can’t be hidden, but usually only appear every five miles or so. (You can actually hide the labels with the “Settings > Chart Display > Vector Chart Display > Show Names” option, but that controls a lot more than just the distance markers.)

Some raster charts also show mile markers, but since raster charts are just a picture of the paper chart, there’s no way to hide those.

I get a administrator Password to access this feature, guessing it’s from company portal? That was it thanks.

Oh, were you locked out of the chart settings pages by an administrator?

Yes that was it and have issue resolved :+1: