User Account Cache / Detail Not Cleared when a new user logs in


  • App (iPad/ iPhone), user account already signed in.
  • Sign out User Account #1
  • Sign in User Account #2
  • Detail still shows the settings and detail for the User Account #1.
    Restarting the app and the phone does not clear the detail.

Hello. We’ve just tested for this behavior and are not getting the behavior you describe. It’s possible that we’re not entirely understanding what you are doing, though.

I also want to be certain that you are running the latest version, so we’re testing the same thing. Are you running version 1.0.0 (38)?

If not, please update and try again.
If so, when you use the term “settings” are you referring to the “Account Settings” link i the accounts page? Thanks.

I will need to get together with another Coastal Explorer user to check the latest behavior, so may be a day or two, but I ran into this at the boat show as well (prob still build 34 or even earlier?)

I expect it is a low use case scenario, but what I am describing is if you have more than one user logging into the same device, the data does not update to the new user. So, if you log in and your vessel data / other settings are there, then log out of that device, and another CE user logs into that device, they won’t see their boat detail, they will see the first user who logged ins boat detail. I assume this is due to locally stored data cached and not clearing, but dunno.

Hope this helps, and will try to test in the next couple days.

Yeah definitely keep us posted and please keep us notified of other bugs or quirks you find!