Using CE with multiple monitors?

I run CE from a windows tablet on the flybridge, connected to a larger display that a prior owner of the boat mounted hanging down from the flybridge ceiling.

This works well if I have the windows tablet just duplicate the tablet’s screen onto the external monitor screen. But, of course, what I see on the external display and the tablet are the same.

Is there a way to have one kind of display on the tablet, with a different display on the external monitor?

I am thinking of one display zoomed in showing close in, and the other display zoomed out showing the larger picture around me.

Hi rcrice,

No, that’s not currerntly possible. We do have multi-display functionality, but only if you have a Koden MDS-1100 Radar, which will enable the ability to have a radar display on a second monitor.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Put my vote in for that feature being added.

I’d think my setup is not uncommon. While it is great to have CE displaying on the larger monitor hanging from the flybridge ceiling, it would be really useful if I could have two displays going, to show two different views.

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You could run a second copy of CE to the second display on a second PC. I use a mini PC tucked away and dc-dc power supply for 20v from 12v