Using iCE on an iPad

Since I’ve used your software for over a decade, I thought I’d offer a few thoughts about your iOS version.

For several years I’ve had the Garmin Blue Charts app. I used it primarily to check things like tides and currents or to show someone where a harbor is located. Blue Charts was okay but not up to the standards of Rose Point. So I am very pleased to now have CE on my iPad.

I don’t think I will ever use it as my primary navigation aid. I use the iPad for too many other things. I like my chart plotter to be just a chart plotter. It is too important to have it multi-tasking or wandering off and getting misplaced during a passage. Our nav PC has nothing on it but CE and a few utilities. It ties into the NEMO box and that’s all, other than the rare occasion when I log on using my secure iPhone hotspot so I can download an update.

In my opinion, the iPad isn’t robust enough for steady use in the cockpit. I do like being able to check our location or other current info whilst lying in my bunk when Gerry is on watch. Portability is desirable in a backup system.

We have gotten spoiled by the “Find my Tesla” functionality of our car. It would be nice if iOS CE had similar functionality, like a “Find my NEMO”. But that breaks the security barriers mentioned above. Do I want my cake and eat it too? Of course!

Keep up the great work. I am one of your big fans!

Douglas Cochrane
S/V Simplicity