Vessel icon shows incorrect heading

Recently purchased a vessel that has Coastal Explorer in use on an HP-18 all in 1 monitor. The operating system is Windows 8.1
I went online and updated all the charts, AND updated the current Coastal Explorer software. The system uses a Garmin GPS18 “puck” with USB port directly to the computer. And, has a Hummingbird TX AIS.
The AIS shows ‘targets’ on the instrument pane of CE, but does not show them on the chart?
The main problem is the “vessel” icon will move in the direction of travel, however, it may show the icon’s vector a 90 degrees to the course, and sometimes it is off by 180 degrees. (travelling backwards in the right direction). Is there a solution to this?
A setting that is incorrect A faulting GPS 'Puck" .
Please advise.

Joe Zaraschi

The usual cause for AIS targets not appearing on the chart is turning off the option to show them. This option can be found at the top of the “Settings > AIS” page. If that is enabled, then it might be best to contact Rose Point Support directly so they can get some more details.

It sounds like you might have a heading sensor in addition to your GPS (perhaps connected through your AIS) and that it might be inaccurate? When a heading sensor is providing a heading, Coastal Explorer will use that to orient the vessel icon. When a heading is not available, it will use the course over ground provided by the GPS.

If you have a heading sensor that isn’t working, you might want to disconnect it, especially if it’s connected to your AIS as it could be causing the wrong information to be broadcast to everyone around you. If that’s not it, it would probably be best to contact Rose Point Support directly for this too.