Vessel.nob files

My CE data is located in a MyRoutes.nob file.
Searching on *.nob, I found a few VESSEL.NOB files?
What are those??

That is where we store the AIS target cache, so CE remembers things like the names of vessels, etc. Since AIS transponders don’t broadcast this information very often, this means that even if we don’t see a target for months, if it’s MMSI is found in that file, we can display the name right away. We also store some information about your own vessel in there as well.

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After about 10 years of CE, running on Win computers updated or replaced, I have Vessel.NOBS files everywhere.
Can I delete them and have one rebuilt on a USB key fob with my Routes.NOB?
Or better, have them merged.

There should only be one Vessels.nob file, in one specific place, buried where only a full system search would find it. Not knowing what you mean by “I have Vessel.NOBS files everywhere,” I can’t really recommending deleting them, since I have no context for why there would be more than one, which makes no sense at all.

You definitely do not want to merge Vessels.nob into anything. It’s not meant for customers to do anything with, or even know about. Technically, we also store some settings you have applied to your vessel symbol, also not meant to be managed by customers outside CE itself. That’s why we’ve put it in a secret place, where we store other data users shouldn’t mess with. :wink:

The only way I could possibly evaluate what you “should” do is to see what you’ve got going on there, first hand. Give me a call (425-605-0985) so we can try to find a time for me to remote into your system and understand the situation properly.

I found the vessel.nob files looking for my ROUTES.NOB file using *.nob on my system drives.
Am cruising the Chesapeake, will contact when back, sometime mid next week.

Reading your previous message, I want to be sure I understood it correctly. Do you have “…Vessel.NOBS files everywhere.”, or only one? If you have many, that would be the mystery, since there should only be one, and it should be in our data folder, out of sight.

Maybe I should explain my CE history.
Started about 10 years ago.
Over these, I had 2 Windows Laptops for my main original CE routes plotting and runs.
I have added several 10-13" Windows tablets used at the helm for navigation.
I assume a new vessel.nob file was created as I installed CE on them, with a copy of Laptop MyRoutes.nob

Transfer from laptop to tablets was done by direct copy of MyRoutes.nob USB keyfob drive or shared by DropBox or One Drive.

I hope this helps.