Voyage plan for routes

In the future, would it be possible to add a voyage plan to the routes list when inputting a destination. I only get old routes for destinations now, I would rather use a voyage plan that shows the center of channel and middle of river. Also like being able to use the way points that a voyage plan has, I currently use my voyage plan but have to manually input destination info in the AIS. Also was thinking that the destination could come off a voyage plan way point , as we often have many stops along the way.thanks for your consideration in this idea.:wink:

It sounds like you’re talking about the automatic river route feature of Rose Point ECS which can generate a route along rivers and inland waterways. These automatic routes are suggested in the list of possible routes when entering a destination in the Voyage Plan > Depart page, but only in Rose Point ECS. (And the destination can automatically be sent to the AIS.) Are you suggesting we add that to Coastal Explorer, or am I misunderstanding something here? (I realize you use both Rose Point ECS and Coastal Explorer, so that might be part of my confusion.)

Sorry about the confusion, yes in ECS inland plus if I go into automatic route destination it only gives routes and not the voyage plan.

Usually that means either your vessel or the destination are not on waterways with route data available. But I assume you’re on the Columbia or Willamette and both of those should have data… This might be something that would be easier to get working if you could contact our support team. But if that’s not practical, can you tell me where you’re starting from and a destination that isn’t working?

I’m currently on the Snake River, and destination is Burbank WA. I put destination in and get old routes but not the Company Voyage plan. I’ve tried using this feature in the past in other areas”the Columbia,Willamette rivers.”and had the same issue with not getting our Voyage plan. I figured it just was not offered when using the automatic route feature, so I’ve been using our company routes in layers and manually inputting AIS info. Wasn’t sure of it was operator error or just something that could be installed in future update. I’ll be in and out of cell service till Wednesday and give support a call . Thanks for your quick response to my questions.:+1: