We are removing Coastal Explorer from the App Store -- Update: It's back!

Many Coastal Explorer users are experiencing a terrible problem using the app on their iPads and iPhones. The issue is that sometimes (and sometimes frequently), the screen will flash and the chart will go back to where it started while trying to pan and/or zoom to another area.

This problem started with iOS/iPadOS version 15, and it turns out not to be a compatibility issue, but rather a bug in Apple’s operating system. We have been working with Apple to get this fixed or to find a way to work around the problem for quite some time now, but have not yet had any success.

Since this has already taken too long, and we have no timeline for a fix, we have made the decision to remove Coastal Explorer from the App Store until a solution has been found. This bug affects many apps other than Coastal Explorer, and we all hope it gets resolved soon.

If you have already installed Coastal Explorer and are not bothered by this issue, you will still be able to use it. (And using Bing Aerial Photos instead of Vector Charts will prevent the problem from happening.)

If you have purchased a US Chart Subscription and are affected by this problem, we encourage you to get a refund by following the instructions here: Request a refund for apps or content that you bought from Apple - Apple Support (Unfortunately, Rose Point cannot start the refund process on your behalf, or we would have just done that for everyone.)

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and truly wish there was anything else we could do about it. We will continue to work with Apple on a solution, and are continuing to work on Coastal Explorer to make it even better when it returns.

Still no official word from Apple on this, but we just got the first beta of the next iPadOS update and it appears the problem has been fixed! We do not know when Apple will be releasing this update but will post information here as we receive it.


Coastal Explorer is back in the App Store! Unfortunately we had to change the minimum version number of iOS/iPadOS that can support Coastal Explorer to 16 as Apple didn’t fix the bug they introduced in iOS/iPadOS version 15 that caused Coastal Explorer to crash when drawing vector charts.