Will CE generate NMEA 0183 APB sentence

I just installed my NEMO gateway and trying to get an APB sentence to my auto pilot. In the nemo set up you have to select a sensor to generate an output, I assume CE has to generate the information?

Yes, CE must generate the data. Just make sure whichever talker port is connected to the autopilot (Port 1 or 2) has it’s “talker” checkbox checked.

By default, we will send APB and a few other sentences that are usually needed for the control of autopilots. Some autopilots may require changes to the options, so you may need to click the “Options…” link and make changes there if necessary.

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Thanks Steven, I got it working. I was trying to do by opening “gateway settings “ and doing it in the web browser…. I didn’t realize how much could be done to the Nemo inside CE, great product, real happy so far.

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