Zooming skews and changes Heading

I’ve got this running on an iPad, iPad Pro, and iPhone and all have the same issue - when zooming using 2 fingers, if you don’t zoom both fingers out from the center of the screen, it zooms and rotates, and skews the N-up heading to X-up where X is the skewed number of degrees. A couple of taps of that indicator gets it back to N-up - rather tedious.

I’m not sure how useful manually rotating is (I personally don’t think I’d ever use it), but if users really want to be able to Rotate then I suggest that the operation be Zoom OR Rotate (preference to Zoom unless obvious Rotate) and not Zoom AND Rotate.

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You mention something about it behaving differently when you use two fingers in the center of the screen vs. the edge. We don’t see that. From our own testing, it requires a pretty intentional rotation of the two fingers to rotate the screen, and if this does inadvertently occur, which isn’t that easy, rotating back to within a 2-3 degrees of True North will snap to True north, although there is a known issue where the orientation button at the bottom will not reflect this change. Tapping the orientation button will reset the indicator on the face. Notice that doing this does not change the orientation of the chart itself, since it is already in True North.

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Um, no - I did not. I did not mention the edge at all. If you use your forefinger and thumb - two fingers of different lengths (well, at least mine are of different length) and you “pinch” them together, it’s very hard NOT to end up skewing. And having to reset.

Ah, right you are. Thanks for clarifying for me. We will look into making it a little more resistant to rotation when pinching the screen.

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I started a similar thread not seeing this discussion. I found the propensity to rotate when zooming different between my iPhone and iPad (iPad more inclined). However I QUESTION THE ROTATE USE CASE. I’ve done a lot of navigation in woods and on water as well as on roads and basically N Up and Heading Up are viable sensible usable options. For CE Heading Up is kinda useful but if you are following a course then it becomes heading up and in truth it’s probably confusing to have course up with something else indicating you are going the wrong way ;). There is a fourth option: Direction of movement Up (on some apps indicated by a vector from vehicle icon).

Turn off this rotate stuff!