Bristol Bay Alaska Salmon Fishing

While commercial salmon fishing in Alaska there are a lot of sand bars…we want to fish extremely shallow…because that’s where the salmon are…when the tide goes out I want to take my laptop with coastal explorer and walk along all of the sand bars, so I know where the shallow spots are…there are small, small channels that I want to mark, so I can be in shallow where the salmon are, but as the tide begins to drop I need to be in the small, narrow channels to begin moving to deeper water before going dry. What coastal explorer tool would be best to use for marking these small channels…I’ll be walking them when the tide is out and everything is high and dry.

There are a few ways to do this, but the most applicable for you would probably be a boundary line/area. This can be created by click the ‘+ New’ button on the bottom of the chart display, and then select ‘Line/Area’. This will allow you to create a line much like a route. Once you’ve outlined the area in question and completed the boundary by clicking the final mark a second time, you can right click on the line and get to its Properties page. Here you can shade in the area, change the line color, and assign it a name.


Why not do a track and then convert it to a route? My only question would be the GPS refresh rate and its accuracy. Typical accuracy of 16 feet in some cases may not be good enough to keep you in the channel either while walking or later while fishing.

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