CE Run Garmin GHP Reactor 40 Autopilot

I’m unable to run a route using CE Garmin GHP Reactor 40 Autopilot. Can you guide me on setting up the NEMA Gateway that is connected to a PC running Windows 11 connected to the Garmin NEMA2000 network. We also send the NEMA data to a Windows 11 PC running CE via Wifi. Nether PC will control Autopilot.

  1. I have “checked” NEMA 2000 Output Options in CE
  2. NEMA 0183 Port 1 and 2 “talker” are “checked”
  3. ECD is selected
  4. sentences= APA,APB,BWR,RMB,RMC,VTG,XTG

Good morning…!

I am not trying to do Brad’s job… but this issue probably will require you to call Rosepoint Tech Support, so they can work with you remotely.

As I also use the Garmin GHP Reactor system to operate a Garmin (Jefa LD100 OEM) linear drive unit, there is info missing from your post to assist.

  1. Do you have a Garmin CCU properly hooked up to the ECU (Course Correction Unit) ?

  2. Is your Garmin NMEA 2k network properly terminated?

  3. Are you using a Garmin Chart Plotter, or only CE4?

  4. You failed to mention what type of N2K gateway you have connected the Nav computer with. Is it a Rosepoint NEMO, an ActiSense NGT-1, or are you perhaps using ShipModul MiniPlex-3 with USB & WiFi?

  5. As the GHP Reactor system is N2K, WHY are you enabling the older 0183 protocol. Do you have any equipment that requires using the old (much slower) protocol, and if so what is it??

  6. Regarding having multiple PC’s running CE4 (wired and wireless); you really need to designate a single device to talk to the AP. The auto pilot has no way to differentiate input from multiple instances of CE4 running concurrently.

Also; has the GHP Reactor AP ever worked properly with a chart plotter before, or is this a new install w/o Garmin ChartMAP (using only CE4) ?



Technically, it’s not Brad’s job to answer questions in the forum. It’s mine. Brad does kindly swing by when he has time, which is never, but… :wink:

Thank you Skipper, for stepping in with some excellent questions, but my biggest questions relate to using both NMEA 2000 output options and NMEA 0183 talker on any ports much less both Port 1 and 2. Is the autopilot also connected over NMEA 0183? I’m not certain that the GHP will even accept NMEA 0183 autopilot sentences and, if it can, it’s best to pick one. Since this is an NMEA 2000 AP, then Port 1 and Port 2 should be irrelevant. I’m also not sure what you mean by ECD or what you mean by it is “selected.” such as where is it selected and what does selecting it mean?

editwiz, Skipper is correct that it would probably be best to call us. I assume that you have a Nemo Gateway (our product) and are calling it an NEMA Gateway. This seems likely but not certain.

Give us a call on a weekday so we can narrow things down with you. The support department is pretty busy these days and while we strive to answer questions here quickly, the forum takes a back seat to phone calls (425-605-0985) and email (support@rosepoint.com).