Chart download on Samsung smartphone

Coastal Explorer on Samsung S20Ultra
Only way to adjust the chart download area is via the southwest and northwest GPS coordinates? Is this right?

Click update and then the status bar appears but nothing loads.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks, Brad

Above the settings page, on the regular chart display, you should find the same rectangle, only with blue circles in the four corners. You can drag those blue circles to define the size and location of the chart rectangle you want to get charts for. It should look something like this:

Yeah I figured that out but I live in NY and I need to download in the Bering Sea. So that method is bit tedious. but either way its good I guess.
My main problem seems to be an inability to get the download to start. I get stuck on this page…

@stevenh Any idea on my chart downloading issue? I get the blue highlighted area over the sections I wish to download and I have set to downlopad NOAA ENC Vector Charts, US Coast Pilot and NOAA Tide/Current Predictions. Since I just downloaded the app to my phone the LAST UPDATE is never. When I press start update the progress line is displayed but it never loads anything. I have attached a screenshot.

Thanks, Brad

I just installed CE on the same Samsung 20S phone for a new user (Wolfie1Bob) and figured out that one needed to resize & relocate the blue box to the designated cruising ground (Key West to Halifax)

As the carrier is T-Mobile, it took a while to start the chart download (for the first time)…. I noted that moving around menus was seriously hampered until the subscription was paid for.

Waiting for faster 5G Wi-Fi 6 T-Mobile Hot Spot to use with 12v wireless router. Inseego 3000 T-Mobile Inseego MiFi X PRO 5G (M3000) Review | PCMag

It is not as good as the Nighthawk M6 Pro (AT&T) which supports 6-E service, and external antennea using dual T-9 ports. Both the Inseego 3000 & M6 Pro have gigabit Ethernet ports to plug into the router WAN port, allowing phone & tablet to get wireless internet… and all the N2K data from the NEMO.

I placed the tablet on top of the deck for clear sky faster download speed, albeit it under plastic winter shrink wrap.

If you are trying to D/L charts without subscription, it may explain the punchy performance…

Here is the review on the Nighthawk M6 Pro


Thank you for the reply. I did try and resize the download area to a much smaller one to try and dowload the entire area needed in smaller chunks. No luck tho. Also, I purchased the subscription for US Coastal Charts via Google Play App Store. I suppose I should check to verify if the Bering Sea is considered coastal in this instance?

This is taking an absurdly long time to download charts. Does any Rosepoint staff care to comment on this?


Just confirming that the App is licensed…?

Also, disable all screen saver modes, and have device plugged in to charger during download. Set power mode to never put device to sleep, ditto on screen timeout…


Hi BHSpringer,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. It’s been rather busy around here the past few days.

What kind of Internet are you using for the download? For example: are you using cellular, home/office WiFi?

I think I am having the same issue. I am using a licensed app on a Samsung Tab 6 connecting to my home high speed network and it is downloading so slow I cannot get the download to complete.

I am now attempting to download via my Starlink service and it is giving me the same issues, very slow. The area I am trying to download is South East Alaska including BC and the San Juan Islands. This is a large area, but should it take days to download? Is there a configuration that needs to be adjusted?



Please send us a Log, since that may provide us some clues on what’s getting in the way. You should find a “Log” button, although its appearance is intentionally made gray to not stand out against the other frequently used features. You’ll find it in Settings > Chart and Data Syncrhonization. Here’s a screenshot showing what to click on to get the log data. Please email the contents of the log to Thanks.

Just checking to see if there have been any updates or progress for this issue? Although I was able to get it to successfully download one time, it has not been able to update since.

Checking in to see if there has been any progress on this issue? When I update charts it takes 4 to 6 hours and often fails.

We did find a problem where errors that occur during a download can stop the process, while still appearing to be in process. The problem has been fixed and will be in the next update.

Downloading a large area can still take a long time, but the forever issue should be resolved

Thank you, I am looking forward to the next update

Sorry, Ive been @ sea. Im pretty sure I spoke with you a few times from Vitus’ boat the towing vessel Sadie in the Bering Sea. Small world. Anyway, I tried downloading over several different wifi’s and also my own dataplan both withVerizon and also with GCI.

Interestingly, my tablet, samsung Tab7+, dowloaded just fine this morning. However the ship’s log function does not work on either my phone or tablet.

Hmmm. It’s odd that your ships log function isn’t working. What have you tried? Can you send a screenshot of your Ship’s Log panel.

When I press done nothing loads. Ive tried on my old mobile phone an S20ultra as well as my current an S23ultra and also on my tablet an S7+