Creating or using another route while underway

Any advice on creating a new route or tweeking an existing route while underway and already using a different route. One of the Rose Point tutorails on Youtube claims to cover this but when I tried it some of the things the tutorial recommended were not possible. For example switching between planning and cruise mode with F12. Also how does one get into simulated motion?

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There should be nothing preventing you from creating new or modifying other routes when a route is active. The presentation of those new routes will be a bit different, with a thinner line for legs, etc, so they won’t stand out as much, but it should work fine.

One thing that’s a bit confusing is you mentioning cruise and planning modes. Coastal Explorer version 4 does not have ether. Are you still running version 3?

Thanks for the reply Steven. Is there a way to do simulated motion? For example if I am sitting at dock and my boss wants to know my ETA to a destination?

I don’t think there is a feature like that on CE. What I do is look at the route, you can left click on the route to get the length, or activate it and look at your instruments to get the DTG or distance-to-go length. Take that number and multiply by 60, then divide the product by your speed in the same units (knots to nautical miles, MPH to statute miles) This will give you minutes to go. The formula is called “Sixty-D STreet.” and makes it easy to remember. 60D/ST Algebraically if you have any two factors, you can find the third. D=Distance, S=Speed T=Time in minutes. Imagine your intended speed is 10 knots your distance to go is 120 NM, then 120x60/10= 720 minutes or 12 hours.
Another option is to double click on your route or right click and “details”, Set your intended speed and pick a departure time, the system will calculate your arrival time based on your selected speed, the route length and any tidal inputs you have selected by clicking on the “current” link next to each waypoint. This is tedious.

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but 120 NM at 10 knots is 12 hours (not 2)

And I wholeheartedly agree about the anchor watch feature…. If one has either a Vesper Cortex AIS VHF or a Vesper WatchMate SB-8000 SmartAIS, it should be pretty easy for CE to import the anchor watch alarm settings over either NMEA2k network or via 802.11b/g/n

Vesper was recently purchased by Garmin, I am sure they would gladly provide a beta unit to Brad’s team for integration and development…

Here are links for both Vesper Cortex AIS VHF & Vesper WatchMate SB-8000 SmartAIS with WiFi and integrated NMEA2k Gateway

Pretty hot technology, and they auto upgrade features when connected to the internet


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