Gaining Access to your Rose Point Account

Many features in the Coastal Explorer beta require you to sign in to your Rose Point Account. If you have an account and know your username and password then you can skip this article and just sign in (but come back here if you run into any trouble).

Every licensed copy of Coastal Explorer on Windows is associated with a Rose Point Account and those accounts can be used to access the Coastal Explorer beta but only after you’ve chosen a username and password. To do this, start Coastal Explorer on a Windows PC and use Settings > Accounts > Account Settings. A web browser will popup with instructions for completing your account. Once you’ve set your username and password, you may use them to sign in to Coastal Explorer on your iPhone or iPad.

If you have created a Rose Point Account in order to use our support forum you may now have two accounts: one for your Coastal Explorer license and the other for the forum. In this case, the Coastal Explorer beta will not let you sign in and will tell you that you need to have Coastal Explorer Version 4 to use the beta. This situation can be resolved by finishing your account as described above; be sure to enter the username from your forum account which will cause your two accounts to be merged into one.