Installing the Coastal Explorer Beta

The Coastal Explorer Beta Test app can be installed on your iPad and/or iPhone using Apple’s TestFlight which is an app for managing apps being beta tested. TestFlight handles installing apps for beta testing as well as updating them and providing developers with feedback.

To get started, tap on the following link when viewing this page on your iPad or iPhone:

You will be guided through the process of installing TestFlight and joining the Coastal Explorer beta. Be sure to allow notifications from TestFlight so you will know when we update Coastal Explorer. If you’d rather check for updates yourself, use the TestFlight app to see if one is available and get it installed. During the beta test you can probably expect one or two updates per week.

Be sure to check out these topics once you have Coastal Explorer installed:

This is totally awesome. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Great job.


Glad you like it! We look forward to your feedback, and welcome to the forum!

Great that you were able to keep the familiar CE PC interface so similar on an iPad. I feel like I already know where everything is, or will be :wink:

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