Got CE? Pilothouse photo


Love this Ron! Thanks for posting!!

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Really sweet pilot house… :heart:

Sailors are more exposed, with Nav Stations often below decks. My CE 4.0 runs on a 12v Intel NUC, Win 10 Pro with 16 GB Ram, M2 SSD & 12v Flat Screen LED Display. Tied into NMEA 2000 bus with ActiSense USB NGT1 Gateway (before NEMO) using USB to RS-232 Serial Cable to upload GPX Route files to Chart Plotter over NMEA 0183 (bypassing firewall built-in in NMEA2k gateway).

Wireless Internet Router is Wirie Pro, running 802.11 b/g/n with Mobile SIMM for failover. AIS traffic transits both Chart Plotter & CE. High Def Radar shows overlay on GPS, but not able to get that to into CE 4… so I use a web-based Radar feed on NAV computer. When the weather is rough I honker down under dodger, keeping a sharp eye on the large CE display while handling the sails…

Dual auto-pilot controllers allow me to tweak course from both helm and NAV station, while Garmin Quatix 5 watch provides both helm control and MOB Fix w/ Automatic VHF DHC broadcast over Channel 16 in an emergency…

Charging (4) 31D Firefly batteries w/ 124 Amp alternator, (2) 100 Watt solar panels, and fast Gerbil running on a tread wheel…

Look forward to the portability of an iPad aboard, but they are not as watertight (or bright) as Panasonic Toughpads…

Still real nice to be running this on my iPhone, which is often bolted to the binnacle. One thing noted is that when one needs to rely on magnetic compass (after lightning strike fries everything)… be advised the iPhone puts out strong EMF, enough to have you 30 degrees off course :rofl:.

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Nice setup, never did understand that whole hanging out in the weather thing LOL. So what is a NUC? other than the COLREGS acronym Not Under Command. Is that a tablet, or baby PC with touchscreen? We use a pair of Lenovo Tiny PC’s with DC-DC converters so they run off of batteries instead of AC and one screen is a gawdawful expensive SeaTronix marine touchscreen monitor and the other is a piece of crap that came from Fred Meyer. Leaning to another SeaTronix because the image is just so spectacular and it has a knob that dims to zero in infinite adjustments, we run a lot at night. I hesitate to show off my battery/inverter setup… I suspect that the interference the iphone gives the compass is from the magnets that are in the speakers, EMI isn’t usually a problem, but flowing DC current and permanent magnets are a no-no.


Intel NUC

My flat screen is cheap, SuperSonic 22” HDMI LED Display designed for RV, also runs 12v (no need for Inverter or DC-DC wall wrt).

Not rich enough for the fancy touch screen you are playing with (my boat still screams “pinch here”…) but I am always interested in what supports all your electronic loads…

My system is a work in progress, evolving as technology improves, constrained by budget reality.

One weighs new batteries against cost of water-cooled Isotherm fridge, new 135 carbon fiber Genoa against 2 months rent… a new Rosepoint Nemo Gateway and Garmin GPSMAP 86sci Satellite Comm Device or the ability to cruise for 3 summer months…

Sweet Device:

Ok, the NUC is much like my Lenovo’s. Yah, budget is always a consideration, we work our boat so at the end of the year, we spend money, or pay more taxes, that’s an easy one. here is a diagram of part of our power system. Solar is 3500 watts, the inverters can produce 15kw. There are 3 generators, 2- 40kw and a small 12kw for hotel loads.

Oh Man… Victron Blue Power w/o budget considerations (panting hard…).

Those LiFePO4 batteries are sweet. Are you running multiple 48v banks?

I would imagine that you have sensors on everything electro-mechanical, feeding tons of data over NMEA 2000 to your Lenovo computers…

Are those Monocrystalline solar panels with Venus GX controller interface?


Your Trawler engineer is amazing…!

~ Skipper

The bank consists of 4- 24volt VE LiFePo4 in parallel, so 24V system at 800Ah. The panels are Jinko Solar 350W commercial panels x 10. The monitor is a Color Control GX, but I have a new Cerbo in the mail box on monday. We do have a pretty good suite of sensors, using Maretron N2KView on that fancy touchscreen. Wind, weather, 5 engines, tanks, fire and high water, air and hyd pressure, racor filter vacuum.

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Such a refreshing integration of technology and intelligence. Now humble, and with due respect,…

I end my 16-hour shift, leaving a trusted Captain at the helm, until the Dog Watch beckons…

Skipper _/)

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