GPS for Ipad and CE

What GPS units have been tested and work for the wifi only Ipad and CE? I am going to be doing a delivery for a customer and thought I would take the Ipad along for a nav backup to the gear already on the boat.
Is it possible to tether my android phone and use its GPS? I see articles that show how to do that but the ipad must be “jailbreaked”. Anyone know?

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I use a Garmin GLO 2 and it works fine.

I believe the only options for an “iPad Compatible GPS” are from Garmin, Dual Electronics, and Bad Elf, but there may be others and I’ve only used the Garmin GLO 2.

I don’t know anything about Android, but if you found an app that would broadcast the NMEA 0183 sentences from the phone’s GPS to a local network, and you connected your iPad to that network, then you could configure Coastal Explorer to receive the sentences by adding a network port…

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Great, thanks Brad, I have ordered the Glo2.

I have used the Badelf for a couple of years. Not bad at about $100

Glo 2 arrived today and paired with both PC and iPad. PC works great, could select the Glo from the electronics menu com 8. Position is solid. The iPad cannot seem to stay with the glo2, the position indicator in the sensor status data bar bounces from red to yellow to green and back again while the boat position moves all around and sometimes more than 100 yards from actual position. It whines (please turn on location services!!!) when I turn off the wifi, thinking it will actually use the garmin gps data instead of trying that whole triangulate wifi bullshit that apple seems to think is useful. Is there any way to force the iPad to use the garmin data only and quit screwing around? If I open up the maps app, my position is pretty solid right where its supposed to be, but CE has me on a walkabout.

Looks like we broke something along the way to release… I was able to reproduce behavior like what you’re describing with my iPad. We fixed a very similar problem during the beta test and I suspect that fix somehow got undone. Regardless of the cause, though, we’ll get this fixed and issue an update ASAP.

To answer your question, there isn’t a way to force the iPad to use the Garmin data, but I think it is. If the problem is what I suspect it is, then the iPad is using the GPS position, but in a “low accuracy” mode which saves power, even though we are requesting high accuracy positions. In my testing, I found that if I ran the Maps app on top of Coastal Explorer, then Coastal Explorer would start getting the steady high accuracy positions since Maps was forcing the iPad to use that mode.

Hey Brad, I am also having trouble with charts. under charts and add ons I cannot expand on the rectangle of download charts. Also, if I click on update, the job never finishes, the bar traverses about 7/8ths of the way across and then stops, I left it all night and still never finished. I deleted and reinstalled the app, and it appears to have dumped all charts that were previously saved. So now I have no accurate position AND no charts. : (

We fixed the problem with the low accuracy mode and will be submitting an update to the App Store later today.

UPDATE: The fix for this is in Version 1.0.3 which is now available in the App Store.