Great 5G Wireless Gateway

After trying both the AT&T 5G Nighthawk M6 Pro MiFi (6 + 6E) and the T-Mobile 5G Inseego Cellular WiFi Hotspot (6, not 6E… and no support for an external antenna)

I found T-Mobile has a 5G HOME ENTERTAINMENT GATEWAY (model SAG FAST5688W 5G) that provides exceptional performance. This Gigabyte 5G Gateway has 2 Ethernet ports (Nemo + Computer) as well as a USB C Port (to support a newer VoIP phone). It combines both Cellular Modem & Wireless Access Point (WAP) into a single device, and it is FREE.

Unlike buying the Inseego WiFi Hotspot ($250) or the AT&T Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro MiFi ($699)…T-Mobile provides the 5 G Home Entertainment Gateway Free ($0.00) to their clients. The device does step down to 4G service if sailing out of 5G coverage zone).

It runs on 110v A/C with a cute white wall-wart, and the power input uses a Type C USB plug to feed 15v DC to the gateway. I am going to make up a Type C connector with 16 gauge wires to run it off my stereo breaker, to see if it will be happy on 12v.

Setup and configuration of the Gateway was a snap using the T-Mobile App (setting SSID name, etc.).

My initial speed test revealed 600 Mbps Down x 80 Up, but that was conducted at a dock, surrounded by residential condo units. I expect better performance at my mooring.

Oh… the monthly service cost is $50. + tax, and T-Mobile provides a free 15-day trial, so signing up cost nothing… and if you don’t like it you can return it to the store without any charge being incurred. You do not need to have any other phone / tablet service with T-Mobile to sign up as a new customer…

No, it is not Peplink (with high cost equipment and high cost satellite service fees) but for most recreational sailors and other “power users”, it is 100% great (pun intended for computer geeks with go-fast toys)…

My Coastal Explorer Updates screamed, and that was while simultaneously watching NetFlix on my NAV computer.

Try it out, it is exceptionally fast service… and the price is right on…’


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As a follow-up; the 2.5 GHz (N41 Band) cellular service is designed for high speed, not long range.

My peak performance so far has been 900 Mbits Down x 100 Up, in a dense urban setting near 5G antennea.

This holiday weekend had me at anchor, in a rural harbor not lit with 2.5 GHz service…. Riding on the 600 MHz (Band 71) cellular spectrum, I got 100 Mbits Down x 47 Up.

The 600 MHz spectrum is low frequency, it has farther range… can get into areas that 2.5 GHz service can’t reach.

Attempting to run the Gateway off a 2000 Watt inverter found the 2 amp “load” inadequate to get the device to properly boot up, adding the small load of my iPhone charger to the inverter solved the issue.

I then tried to run the 5G Gateway off a NOCO BOOST 1500 Amp LiON power bank using the USB 2.1A output port (with USB A to C cable) but it failed to power up. Ditto for trying to run it off a 12v cigarette lighter adapter with USB C cable.

So now I am trying to run it using a LY-KREE 5-Amp 12V-to-15V DC-DC Converter that I got off eBay (Part # DL121505). Damn those USB wires are skinny…!

Stay tuned Sports Fans….