Missing chart from NE Chart package

Having a missing (RNC) chart problem that I’ve not experienced before. Zooming in on Chatham (Cape Cod) area I’m unable to get to the detailed harbor chart and see the note to “See Chart 13229”. This chart is part of the USCG 01 North East Coast package and seems to be installed when I look at chart outlines but the zoom function doesn’t seem to stich this in. Curious what I’m missing here.


This area is covered by two 1:20,000 scale charts; one with detail (13229) and the other (13248) that says to use the first one. Coastal Explorer primarily uses the chart scale to determine what to draw but in cases like this it can’t since the two charts have the same scale. It’s probably choosing to draw 13248 because chart 13229 is rotated and non-rotated charts are preferred because they quilt better with other charts.

Probably the best thing to do in that particular area (and other cases like this) is to temporarily hide the other chart. You can do that by right clicking on the chart, selecting “Charts Here” and then the chart you want to hide (which will remove the check mark from the menu to indicate it has been hidden).

Thanks. That worked like a charm.


I had the same problem a few years ago when single-handing a 35’ sloop at the top of Buzzards Bay.

Rosepoint Tech support accessed my Windows 10 CE 4.0 computer remotely (over the web) and deactivated the problematic overlay chart, allowing me to reactivate my Garmin linear drive (autopilot) and focus attention on furling my sails.

The last thing one needs is a chart display problem when entering Cape Cod Canal alone, in a gusty bay state blow…

Rosepoint tech support rocks…!